Today in the city Erie 22.10.2017
Pittsburgh Diocese Settles Suit Over Birth Control Mandate

The Pittsburgh and Erie Catholic dioceses have settled lawsuits seeking to overturn a federal Affordable Care Act mandate that would have forced them to provide contraceptive and abortion-inducing dru...

The Neverending Heat-Check of a Rookie QB

There’s a smooth certainty to how Deshaun Watson thinks, speaks, moves. The world witnessed this Sunday night against the Kansas City Chiefs. He nimbly sidesteps pass-rushers, spins 360 degrees...

Lake Erie's Unnatural Transformation Turned It An Eerie Bright Green

A thick layer of green slime covered Lake Erie last week, expanding hundreds of square miles and raising water quality concerns among scientists.

Algae Bloom Covers 700 Square Miles Of Lake Erie

Algae blooms have been getting larger and more frequent in the lake, and in 2014 one affected Toledo, Ohio's water supply.

More daytime images of the Larsen C iceberg have come in, and they're amazing

In July, one of the largest icebergs ever recorded — measuring in at about the size of Delaware and containing a volume of ice twice the size of Lake Erie — broke off the Larsen C Ice Shel...

9 'facts' you learned in school that are no longer true

Over time, even facts we consider steadfast truths can change. People used to think doctors could forgo washing their hands before surgery. Knowledge is ever-evolving. Other facts might have been...

Man Drowns in Canal Lock Trying to Save Girlfriend's Cousin

Authorities say divers have recovered the body of a central New York man from an Erie Canal lock where he apparently drowned while trying to save his girlfriend's cousin after the cousin jumped in to...

Evidence of Invasive Grass Carp Signals Threat to Lake Erie

Researchers have fresh evidence that invasive grass carp are swimming and spawning near the mouth of a river that flows into Lake Erie.

Algae on River Flowing Into Lake Erie Prompts Warning

Health officials in Ohio are telling some people not to swim in the river that flows through Toledo because of an algae outbreak.

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